Stock market

The U.S. stock exchanges have been the bellwethers since the middle of the last century preserving the classic methods of trading and developing all types of electronic trading. There are dozens of stock exchanges in the USA. Among them NYSE, AMEX, NASDAQ are the most significant ones. More than 50% of global transactions are executed on these exchanges that are frequently dubbed in the mass media as the Wall Street, according to the name of the street where NYSE is located. Experts are used to thinking that the Wall Street can affect the Russian exchanges directly.

There are several exchanges functioning in Russia, among the absolute leaders is the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX), where almost 100% of all exchange operations with securities on the territory of Russia are held. InstaVector gives its clients free rein to apply classical methods of trading and use modern technologies when trading on MICEX and RTS.

All the participants of the buying and selling process are represented by buyers, sellers, as well as intermediaries - the professional participants of the securities market (brokers, stock exchanges, depositary institutions, banks etc.). This process is not easy and has many nuances which traders or investors are not aware of. Though, as the saying states: "Forewarned, forearmed". InstaVector offers to get wise to the Federal Law on the Securities Market #39-FZ in order to understand the responsibilities and liabilities of every member of the process.

Complied with the Russian law, an individual or a legal body with no license issued by the Governmental Federal Service of the Russian Financial markets, are not able to sign an agreement with a stock exchange for participation in trading.

InstaVector has state licenses, qualified personnel, and technologies that give a leeway to the clients to buy and sell securities without going deep into the pecularities of these operations. Nevertheless, the customers get the documented data on the state of their funds and securities (report, in other words).

InstaVector draws your attention to the fact that trading non-governmental securities can be risky. Thus, it requires remarkable skills.