Information for partners

Even though any Russian has an opinion about investments in shares, the statistics shows that 94% of Russia's working population have no experience on the stock exchange. Consequently, with a competent presentation of benefits of investing in securities to the client, supplying his legislation rights with the public instruments, including the reserve funds, advantages of working with highly professional staff of InstaVector, the client base can be built quite fast. Clients will be paying charges and commissions, and a significant part of them will be sent directly to your pocket every month.

Partner’s main goals

The main goal of InstaVector Investment Company partner is seeking clients and motivating them to use the services of InstaVector. It can be accomplished with the help of the following methods:

  1. Offering advertisement materials.
  2. Demonstrating online trades using a training version of the trading platform.
  3. Demonstrating the website of
  4. Making a presentation.
  5. Explaining the tariffs, documents, account opening procedures, and services.
  6. Placing an affiliate link on a partner's web resources.
  7. Running promotional campaigns, having coordinated the scenarios, mode, and materials with Insta Media Group LLC.

Business strategies

Variations of a partner's position in the eyes of a potential client:

  1. The client is little-known for you. You tell that you are a representative of Insta Media Group LLC, and you have qualified for entering a large-scale program of promoting the services of InstaVector Investment Company. You are familiar with its general director, broker, trust manager, products, and technologies of protecting the client money from failures on the stock market.
    In other words, in this case you show that this business is yours.

  2. The client is a good acquaintance or a friend of yours, and saying that you attract him to the company which is your partner can make him unhappy at the thought that you will earn from his trading results. Beware that not all the people will treat this idea with understanding. The strategy is to tell that you work on the stock market and, being familiar to the key company’s figures, you can introduce a broker who can become an effecient personal instructor or a trust manager able to offer investments not from 5 million rubles but from 30,000 rubles.

Brokerage service

The first important step for a partner is giving a client a free platform to train trading and redirecting him to the broker’s assistant. After a client gets wise to online trading, and he is ready to start earning on the stock exchange under the broker’s control, a partner has to provide the documents package to Insta Media Group LLC in a paper form. Postal fees are recovered to the partner immediately as a mobile payment or a transfer to an electronic wallet or a bank account.

For drawing up a client’s document package, it is required to:

  1. Enter the client data on the website and print out the documents.
  2. Carry out the client identification and make sure that the client’s passport is valid.
  3. Put your signature on each copy of the passport pages.

A monthly report will be sent to the partner’s email with the detailed information on the reward amount and number of the attracted clients. Access to this information is available in the partner profile on

To contact the representatives of InstaVector Investment Company and Insta Media Group LLC, we recommend using Skype, ICQ or QIP.