Classic technologies

Trading by means of submitting written order

Despite a low demand for flow of documents, it often acts as a plan B in the event online technologies fail.

You do not want to learn the basics of computers and software? You do not have to! Use written orders.

Method 1. The client comes to the InstaVector office and passes the written order. Besides, the he signs the document in the presence of broker operations specialist.

Method 2. You also have an opportunity to send orders by fax making additional agreement to the contract for brokerage service. In accordance with the contract, InstaVector will fulfill the fax order with your signature and one-time password.

Method 3. Today, all our clients have an opportunity to direct their orders by means of text messages. It is enough to conclude an additional agreement to contract for brokerage services, get the block of single-use passwords and enjoy the most user-friendly way of capital management by mobile phone.

InstaVector will immediately execute your order submitted by any means mentioned above. There are no obstacles for us to work with paper documents and we do it with pleasure!

It is essential to remember that your order’s transmission, receipt, execution, injection into the trading system will take about 20 minutes that may lead to failure of executing it in the current trading session due to security’s price change or the trading session’s closure.

Trading via voice order by phone

Till now this kind of trading is spread in the major stock exchange country of the world – the United States. Why is it so popular? The answer is simple: it is convenient, although expensive. Using this opportunity of order submission, you can talk to our expert in financial markets about the market trends, your stock exchange capital structure and many other things. Our clients like it when InstaVector is by their side.

In order to use this way of order submission, you need to sign an additional agreement to the Brokerage Services Agreement.