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1. What is partnership and how do I become a partner?

Relations with a partner are regulated by the Partnership Marketing Agreement. A partner does not take part in the procedure of signing the agreement between InstaVector and a client. The essence of partner’s functions consists in motivating clients to use InstaVector services.

2. How does a partner receive a reward for partnership program?

InstaVector monthly transfers percentage of commission, set by the contract, to a partner’s bank account. For instance, in February InstaVector received 1,200 rubles from a client involved by a partner. Settling with a client finishes on March 15. So before the March 20 a partner gets the reward exclusive of personal income tax, which after the tax reduction equals to 417.60 rubles. It is easy to count how much a partner will get on 100 attracted clients.

3. Will a client be informed about the partner’s commission?

All contract relations between InstaVector and any bodies, including clients, partners, contractors and others are confidential. Consequently, since a client doesn’t take part in the contract relations between InstaVector and a partner as a third party, information will be unavailable.

4. How long does it take to credit reward to a partner’s account?

Partnership program with InstaVector is interesting because as long as a client uses InstaVector services and pays commission to the company, the part of it, which is set in the Partnership Marketing Agreement, will be transferred to a partner’s bank account without any delays. If a client works with the company for a hundred years, commission will be transferred to a partner’s account during a hundred years. Moreover, a partner is not obliged to communicate with attracted client.

5. At what age an individual can become a partner?

InstaVector in its financial policy with partners strictly keeps to the rule – do not conclude an agreement with individuals younger than 18 years old.

6. What is the settlement procedure with partners acting as legal bodies?

The settlements take place monthly, till the 20th of every month following after the assessment month.