The trade at the fund market is a reason for the large wealth, but also for the serious setbacks of different people in the whole world. How the newbie should work at the fund market and not to lose? Which Russian laws and regulatory bodies defend interests of the investors and traders? How to protect yourself from the pyramid schemes? The professionals of InstaVector Company will popularly answer all these questions at our free of charge introductory seminars or via SKYPE ("InstaVector_IC"). You can receive the reference information having made a phone call on a number 8-800-100-35-05 (toll-free for the Russian Federation).

If you decided to learn how to buy and sell shares professionally, we will train you, but also during three months we will supervise you in order to exclude mistakes in your work. Register for our seminars, in which you can participate, having been in any place of the world due to the Internet, or you can make a call on a phone 8-800-100-35-05 (toll-free for the Russi

You are a businessman, financial director or just a well-to-do person. Our individual educational courses on the capital management at the fund, commodity and currency markets for V.I.P. can be held at our or your place at any convenient time for you. If you want to complete courses incognito, then you can order them via the Internet. You can make an order for the courses from InstaVector Company on the phone 8-800-100-35-05 or to fill in our order form and you will have your personal manager. The manager will select the individual program for you and high-grade universal and niche lecturers, which will give the individual classes and also in the future assist in the financial questions.

For the clients who have just started to learn the Internet-trading InstaVector Company provides the unique free opportunity to try their hand at the exchange trade without any risk. In this case the full function software and exchange data are used in the real time mode. The only difference is that you use educational trading account instead of the real one. This technology is so realistic that it is not necessary to have additional training when you start to trade at your own account.