Buying stocks

Despite the Russian stock market enjoys great popularity among those who fond of stock investing, some people are still trying to understand how the stock market works, where it is based, and how demand and supply are generated, and, what is more important, how to become an integral part of this system. This article may be a little guidance for a newbie who decides to trade shares with InstaVector.

First, it is necessary to collect and analyze information about the shares that are of interest to you. You can get it from financial services provider - InstaVector.  After that, you should find the owner of the shares and negotiate the price. However, there is a dilemma – how to find an owner of shares? The answer is simple – on the stock exchange. A stock exchange assists potential buyers and sellers in finding each other thus promoting more deals. Nevertheless, an ordinary investor has no direct access to the stock exchange. According to the Russian legislation, only legal bodies licensed to provide brokerage services can partake in stock trading. In this case, a private investor should stick to the following scheme. To start trading stocks on the Russian Stock Exchange, it is necessary to set up an account with InstaVector by signing an agreement with the company. Once the account is opened, a client can enter the stock exchange.

To become an InstaVector client, one needs to sign a brokerage services agreement which stipulates the terms and conditions of relationships between the customer and InstaVektor. After that, you become an owner of a brokerage trading account with initial deposit and stocks bought by you.

InstaVector provides all its customers with real-time quotes for stocks, bonds, and other securities. If you want to buy stocks, you should make a request, specifying the price and quantity of stocks you are willing to buy. The broker, in its turn, put this request on the common list of requests on the stock exchange.

In case there is an offsetting order which meet the requirements of your own request, a deal is closed – a certain amount of funds is withdrawn from your trading account and is transferred to the seller’s trading account. Meanwhile, you receive the stocks. If there is no offsetting order, your request will be on the list until you cancel it or until an offsetting order appears.

As of today, stock trading is available online. Trading with InstaVector will not take much time, while all the operations comply with security standards.

The Russian Stock Exchange is increasing day by day which is proved by millions of closed deals and greater turnover.