About company

InstaVector Investment Company is a professional participant of the stock market licensed by the Federal Financial Markets Service. It is licensed to provide brokerage services, dealing services to individuals and legal entities in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The company’s capital formed in accordance with requirements of the licensing authority, guarantees protection of InstaVector customers’ interests

InstaVector sees its mission in attracting investments to the Russian economy, which is considered to be the perfect place for financial inflows due to the fast pace of growth of its major companies’ shares and existence of a large variety of favorable factors, such as an undervaluation of enterprises’ assets from the MICEX and RTS quotation list, an increase in the external and domestic turnover, extensive resources and intellectual potential of the country.

The main goal of our company is not only providing our clients with simple buy/sell process but also with gudance for understanding all risk categories, which present in the stock market and can lead to the total loss of the assets in case of not following some rules. InstaVector pays great attention to this important circumstance and caries out permanent explanatory work among its clients

Insta Trade is a start-up company, which does not involve bureaucracy and sees the unique character of every client. Our tariff policy is adequate and flexible. For customers who want to stay mobile while trading securities, we offer special mobile trading software.

Jump at the chance to benefit from financial markets!