InstaVector Investment Company Ltd.

InstaVector is a licensed participant of the stock market of the Russian Federation, providing all those interested with brokerage services.

Make use of InstaVector advantages to make profit from fluctuations of prices for stocks and derivatives on the corresponding markets of the Russian Federation.

The legislation of the Russian Federation protects the rights of investors. We guarantee paying the capital back capital back to the client upon first request from our own funds.

Interesting seminars held free of charge will help you learn the effective techniques of investing, risk management, and trading step by step.

With InstaVector brokerage servicesrendered on the basis of an individual approach, analytical support and fully-fledged investment strategies, you are sure to manage your capital successfully.

With its considerable range of available financial instruments, InstaVector opens you new prospects of boosting your savings through investment activity.

We offer our customers the opportunity to quickly obtain affordable securities loans and also margin loans for urgent needs.