Stock — a security paper that entitles its holder (the shareholder) to an equal claim on the company's profits.

Boiler room technique - a hard selling of security papers and strategies by a broker with the purpose to implement the goals set by the bank management and investment company, often causing damage to the client’s interests. Strongly forbidden in the company.

Broker - an intermediary on the securities market buying and selling security papers on behalf of a client, at his expense, on behalf of a client and at the broker’s expense or on behalf of a broker at client’s expense.

Blue chips — shares of the largest and most reliable companies paying off annual dividends for common stocks.

Demo account – a QUIK-Junior educational brokerage account of a client with 300,000 rubles deposit.

Deposit - money put into account for further operations.

Derivatives – secondary of security papers (futures, options etc.). In the Russian practice of stock exchange trading - futures and options used for speculative trading on the spot market or for protection against the risks, such as unexpected change of stock price (hedging). Simply stated, these instruments employed for forecasting. Russian derivatives trading is carried out on FORTS of the RTS stock exchange.

Long position - purchase of a security paper with the purpose of its further selling at a higher price.

Short position - selling of a security paper borrowed from broker for its further buying at lower price and debt return in the form of security paper. The income is derived from the difference between high sell price and low buy price.

Mechanic Trading System (MTS) — a computer program meant for full or partial automation of trader’s trading procedures.

MICEX – the major stock exchange of Russia where you can trade stocks of the Russian largest stock companies.

Bond - a security paper with low loss risk yielding a small income, but exceeding the bank interest rate.

Option contract – a contract giving a trader an opportunity to buy/sell a security paper in a certain period of time, in case he pays a deposit, at a price set in the contract or refuse from a deal.

Pyramid – a system of constant advancement of population and companies' funds. The clients’ earnings are formed only at the cost of new investors assets. Worth mentioning that a lion’s share of assets goes to organizers of this cheating system. The pyramid ceases to exist once the money inflow reduces.

RTS — the Russian stock exchange running trades on the market of shares and derivative financial instruments.

Securities market – a general system of exchanging the capital for security papers with the purpose of profit making by means of different strategies or possessing the right to influence the companies issuing the securities purchased.

Stop order - an order given to a broker to carry out a buy or sell deal as soon as the price touches the needed level (stop price).

Trader — a physical or legal body trading on the stock exchange with his own or borrowed assets.

Trend - a general market direction dominating over the prices of security papers.

Futures contract - a contract of obligatory buying/selling of a security in future at the price fixed in the contract.

Meta Stock – a huge facility for technical analysis (forecasting) of prices on a financial market.

QUIK – the most popular Russian program software allowing to trade security papers on MICEX and RTS stock exchanges.

QUIK-Junior – a version of the QUIK program designed for educational trading. Distributed for free.

pocketQUIK – a mobile version of the QUIK program – for cell phone with WINDOWS Mobile operation system.

FORTS RTS – the leading playground for futures and options trading in Russia and East Europe countries.